Alvhari Farawind

Half-Elf Invoker of the Sprits of the Past.


Description: Small and slender, Alvhari (or Alfie, as she came to be known in Sharn) looks more like a full-blooded elf than a Child of Khorvaire. She has long brown hair that is frequently neglected and pale, almost sallow complexion. She carries a hardwood staff longer than she is tall, and wears a necklace made her great-grandmother’s bones that protects her mind from intrusions. Like all Valenar Elves, she wears a hood and veil over her face.

Background: Born of a full elf mother and a Half-Elf father from House Medani that she scarcely remembers, Alvhari prefers to identify herself simply as Elven and will correct anyone who attempts to call her a Half-Elf. Bound at birth by a geas that bids her to speak only the truth, it became apparent as soon as she could walk and talk that was something…different about this child. You see, she could speak to the dead – or rather they spoke to her. Ancient spirits crowded around her cradle and to her day and night, jostling the heard in ever-increasing cacophony that she could not stop. Unable to figure how to help her child, her parents handed her over to the Keepers of the Past at the tender age of three. That was the last she ever saw of them.

So the rest of her childhood of childhood the Cenotaph, being raised as Keeper of the Past, being regaled with the stories of her mighty ancestors (sometimes from incorporeal lips of the ancestors themselves.)

Alvhari Farawind

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