Pirates Who Don't Do Anything

Reynard's Log, First Entry

There be times I think perhaps a new line of work be preferable to me current state of affairs, but this be the first time in months since being Marooned in Sharn that I think things be lookin up. A group of Gnomish Privateers offered me, and any crew I could assemble, the shares of their mutinous crews pay in return for the safe return of their keel-hauled cargo.

This being the first time me luck has gotten me a job worth its rigging, Me list of able crew were somewhat sparse, with only me old navigator, Nettle, readily at me call, I had to shanghai some of the local patrons fer the extra help, Tis best to be prepared for the storm they say.

For me own amusement I be writin me basic observations on the miscreants I be hiring.

First be the Mercenary, Celios Ro’endriun, He be the only known professional in the whole outfit, and it be apparent. Still It be good to know me crew has experienced Steel, even if he be a bit dour.

Secondly be the Orc lass, Mauburz, She be an able bodied lass, Ive seen her boxing here in the tavern and she seems ta know her weapon well enough. And She seems a bit familiar to me old sense oh smell.

Next be the young Elven Girl,Alvhari Farawind, what sits outside the Tavern and tells fortunes to the Sailors what come by the bar, her sails be aimed against the wind though.

Lastly be a Minotaur, the well spoken bull, who beat Mauburz in a boxing match, me gut tell me it be a good Idea to include the extra muscle.

The early clues led me crew to Fey gone Wild, a bordello what caters to fey clientele, where the Gnomes lost their Cargo and Crew. The Bull was quick to spot signs of were the now missing goods and bodies had gone, and questioning the patrons gave us cause ta fear that we be dealin with a Lycan, a fear that would later be proven to be true.



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